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Membership Selection

Friend of the Alhambra

Membership of our Friend scheme gets you £2 off all ticket purchases, and 2 complimentary tickets for a standard film.

Local Advertisers 2-4-1 scheme

This scheme allows one complimentary ticket per film booking for members of our local advertisers network: taking our our weekly 2-for-1 scheme digital!

The intention is that you should pay for one full-priced ticket every time you claim a complimentary ticket, but in practice this scheme is now flexible, so you can use your complimentary ticket allowance for a single-person visit to the Alhambra: you have 25 complimentary tickets you can use at any time, over a 12-month period.

Please create your membership account using the same email address as you are registered with for our weekly programme advertising email, and remember to be logged in with that email address when booking tickets online to be able to see/access your complimentary ticket when booking a film online at the Alhambra.