The Tord Gustavsen Trio

The Tord Gustavsen Trio



Sigurd Hole BASS

Jarle Vespestad DRUMS

Norwegian pianist and composer Tord Gustavsen's music continues to evolve, reaching out with memorable melodies, subtle grooves, musical space, and both gentleness and depth.

"I have the clear feeling that stretching out and being creative happens organically, avoiding alienation and stiffness, when done in energetic connection with my roots – with the groundedness and sensuality of the hymns and the spirituals and the lullabies I grew up with." (Tord Gustavsen).

The 2014 release ‘Extended Circle’ on ECM Records marked the completion of two trilogies – three albums in the classical piano, bass, drums trio format, followed by a second trilogy in extended ensemble and quartet formats. In 2016, Tord released the strikingly original alternative 'trio' album ‘What was said’ with the voice of Afghan-German singer Simin Tander, where they re-interpreted ancient Norwegian hymns and Sufi poems, in the hauntingly beautiful Pashto language.

Now, it is again time for the instrumental trio – for a new take on the classic format that brought Tord’s music to a wide international audience in the first place. A long awaited new trio album will be released August/ September 2018 on ECM Records (title tba.). The material is pointing forwards in musical openness and inventiveness, while at the same time clearly connecting to the quietness and grounded sensuality of Tord’s remarkably successful earlier trio albums. The recent development embraces anew the paradoxically fullsounding simplicity of the ‘Nordic Blues’ that so many people came to love in Gustavsen’s debut album, along with open, Impressionist harmonic landscapes, and a clear overall hymnal and meditative feel. The new album features seven of Tord’s original compositions in dialogue with ancient Scandinavian hymns and three striking re-workings of J. S. Bach Chorales.

Tord Gustavsen has toured extensively with his trio, quartet and alternative line-ups in the USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany as well as his native Norway. He has appeared at major festivals in various other countries including Australia, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Poland; and received a number of

critical awards.

Showing on Friday October 26 2018 7:00 PM (180 Minutes)
The Tower Digital Arts Centre - Screen 1
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